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Technical and Business Consulting Services

Every company has to tackle some management issues and logistic hurdles on its way to success and Incode Group is here to help with these. Our company uses tailored solutions to get you through the problems without having to waste too much time on them.

Incode Group focuses on the small things as the devil is always in the details and a small flaw can ruin a business strategy. So join us in perfecting your business to always have the higher ground above all competition.


 What We’ll Do Via Technology Consulting Services

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    Fine-tune your tech to rise above the competitors

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    Cut costs by managing your resources

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    Refine your product and its performance to give the quality a boost

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    Define your image/brand or add a standout feature to put you in the spotlight

Requirement Gathering Process 

Our technical consulting is intended to dig deep and aid businesses in outlining their ideas into a vivid strategy.

Detailed Requirement Gathering Detailed Requirement Gathering icon

Incode Group’s experts will survey the industry leaders and, using your ideas as a base, suggest new opportunities for monetization, breakthrough features, and find promising markets.

Successful Business Roadmap Successful Business Roadmap icon

Our requirement gathering process also includes studying the product and creating a business road map for it. This helps optimize processes, speed up time to market, and find an audience for the product.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Incode Group also offers technical consulting on architecture that helps avoid bottlenecking in favor of smart scaling. Our experts will help find the right tools to strengthen your business and cut unnecessary costs on maintenance.

Project Architecture Development Project Architecture Development

Incode Group encourages its engineers to create agile frameworks that will mesh well with your business and ramp up production. We only use cutting-edge tech and are always ready to innovate if it helps you turn ideas into processes.

Performance Improvements  Performance Improvements

Our experts will do research on your software and the way it utilizes resources. Having studied that and the overall efficiency of your product, they will suggest ways to optimize the performance without sacrificing functionality.

 Cloud & Web Strategy

Incode Group offers cloud technology consulting services to help create appealing solutions that use cloud tech to its full potential.

Cloud Technology Consultancy

Not all technology is going to be a good fit your particular service and our specialists will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Cloud Development Services

Instead of hiring in-house staff members to develop cloud-based web and mobile solutions, you can rely on Incode Group to help out.

Cloud Migration Services

Entering a new age isn’t easy and our experts are here to offer technical consulting in migrating your software to cloud platforms and optimizing it for the new environment.

When do you need this 
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    You plan on transferring your service to the Cloud and want to preserve the scaling and security measures or boost them.

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    You’ve worked out a promising idea or business plan but want advice on technology choices or a roadmap to guide you from idea to finished project.

  • 03.

    You’re looking to start offering your product on mobile platforms but want to see some research on the viability of this choice and improve the quality of your UI and tech.

  • 04.

    You’re making the switch to SaaS product delivery and need some ideas on redefining your technical methodology.

  • 05.

    You’re thinking of entering Big Data or BI tech into your business plan but want to double-check its feasibility.

  • 06.

    You want to bring a legacy product over to MVC architecture and need some expertise to ensure it goes smoothly.

  • 07.

    You’re putting a new project in the pipeline and want to do a full plan and roadmap for it to oversee the implementation.

  • 08.

    You’ve been making your own roadmap but could use help with some parts of it to ensure there aren’t any gaps.

  • 09.

    You need documentation with all functionality and technical requirements to help you get realistic bids from vendors.

 What will you get?

  • A comprehensive document outlining your goals and objectives.

  • A list of functional requirements to follow.

  • An prototype to show off the functions and provide a look at the UI/UX.

  • A document on architecture to help with the tech design..

  • A full plan that includes phasing, production cost, and time to market.

Ready to begin your project?