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Software Testing Services

Incode Group offers its independent testing services to help businesses get more with less. Our experts will conduct QA and testing with no downtime while your in-house team works on releases. We also account for load times and add more resources whenever the peaks hit. And, of course, we will accompany your project through the whole lifecycle to ensure quality at all points.

Our experts handle software testing services and adapt easily to peak loads, expanding their resources to match the workload.

 Delivery Models

Dedicated QA teams

Incode Group carves out a special set of experts specifically for QA. The team employs innovative approaches to get the best results when doing functional or regular QA. Thanks to the resources being dedicated to the task, you can expect quick work with minimal risk.

On-demand testing

If you need software testing services at any point in your development cycle, Incode Group is more than willing to help. We’ll reduce downtime and check your product for quality and integrity efficiently, thanks in part to automation both data-driven and agile.

Test Automation Services

We have refined our QA processes and automated some to streamline the work, including graphical UI tests and API-driven options. Our experts create automation scripts from scratch to suit your project specifically, using JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

What We Do  

Independent Testing Services  Independent Testing Services  icon

You don’t want the results of the testing to be biased or inaccurate, which means sometimes you have to resort to independent tests. We will take a deeper look to verify the integrity of the project.

Full-Cycle QA Full-Cycle QA icon

Our team tracks the project from the start to finish, taking care of documentation creating and testing the final functionality of the program. With both manual and automated QA, you can rest assured that all bases are covered.

CTFL/CTAL compliant CTFL/CTAL compliant icon

We train our testing team to follow CTFL/CTAL standards so they get certified and use cutting-edge technologies to test the results.

Testing environments Testing environments icon

We provide our own testing environments to test your products on. Alternatively, we can create one from scratch to fit your project.

Functional testing Functional testing icon

We scour your project to find the smallest issues and scrub out bugs and errors. Our team uses functional system testing to check the functions and ins and outs of your apps. Besides, we automate the routine parts of the testing to speed things up and stick to the schedule without wasting money on extra resources.

 how it works

  • 01.

    Laying the groundwork

    We assign our senior QA expert to handle the start of your project. Together, we determine what processes will be essential and how best to handle them. Our team studies the restrictions and opportunities to ensure that everything’s accomplished timely.

  • 02.

    A decent proposal

    Our team draws up a testing proposal after surveying your project and listening to your requirements. We set the methods, the report strategy, and the requirements to our testing as well as several other key aspects. Once this is done, the next step can be undertaken.

  • 03.

    Picking the teams

    The team we choose for the project will have to have all of the required skills for testing the execution, the design, and the overall quality of your product. Moreover, we demand analytical know-how from them so that the reports made to you will be comprehensive. Our project managers will handle the choices.

  • 04.

    Handling team scaling

    Should the need arise, Incode Group is ready to expand the team working on your project in no time. We do our best to keep up with peak loads and ensure that the testing is never interrupted or inefficient.

Why choose Incode Group 

  • We lead you step by step with test consulting
  • Our team prioritizes functional and automatized testing for speed and quality
  • We always make a plan before diving in
  • The QA team is made up of professionals only
  • Incode Group experts cover all bases when it comes to testing the project

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