Software Development Services for Startups

Software Development Services for Startups

Startups are all about bringing ambitious ideas to the table but not every company will have the means to realize them and even those that do might find it impractical to hire staff specifically for the task. If you want an innovative solution developed at a reasonable price, come to Incode Group and see how the magic is made.


Business consulting for startups 

Business consulting for startups can be a precious resource as it allows you to see an outsider’s view of the company, backed by analytical points. Incode Group can help you establish a map to success. We’ll determine which technologies can work well for you and how you can optimize the workflow via software and which markets you should be targeting.

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 MVP Development

It’s not always the best idea to go all in on your concept, especially when it comes to software development for startups. Incode Group can help you out by offering MVP development, creating a prototype of your end-product that shows the basic features. That way you can see your web or mobile MVP and decide whether you want to stay the course or correct to a different idea. Plus, you get the benefit of the lucratively low MVP development cost.

  • WEB: our team has experience in quickly whipping up web MVP projects, including apps and sites.
  • MOBILE: similarly, our devs can build a mobile app MVP so you can see the viability of it as a full product.

Mobile Web App Development 

Incode Group’s team has spent 3 years honing their skills in mobile & web app development, cross-platform integration, and UI/UX design for apps. Our experts take on the duties of creating concepts, design, and actually coding the app, compatible with all popular OSs and platforms.

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 UI and UX services

It’s important for a startup to grab the target audience’s attention as fast as possible. Doing so with features isn’t a bad strategy but the design is the thing they notice first and it’s vital that you put care into it. With that in mind, Incode Group offers its seasoned experts for UI/UX design services for startups. Our team takes care of frontend and design down to the smallest details, optimizing it to the best of our abilities. We try to have a bit of everything in our projects, including flexibility, an intuitive interface, and a personal touch that makes your brand stand out.

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Cloud Solutions Development 

Startups can hit the ground running by choosing their platform carefully. Namely, Incode Group can help your company take advantage of cloud services and platforms. We’re ready to conduct cloud solutions development, build from nothing or transfer a pre-existing infrastructure to the new format. Plus, our team does extensive testing to determine whether the cloud is the right way for you and how to use it best. We’re well acquainted with Azure, AWS, and GCP and will gladly aid you in getting started. This will help cut costs, optimize the performance of your solutions, and bring your products onto the next level.

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 Quality Assurance Software Testing

Incode Group pays special attention to testing, holding comprehensive and varied processes to sniff out any bugs and potential issues. Our experts conduct automated and manual tests to keep the QA efficient, result-oriented, and cost-effective. More than that, most of our quality assurance software testing for startups come as part of the development package because we believe in delivering solutions that our team can be proud of.

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Application Maintenance and Support 

It’s not enough to develop a solution, our team pledges to make work with it convenient for you or your customers. The Incode Group maintenance experts work side by side with our devs and testers to make sure they know the ins and outs of the software. That way you can be sure you’re getting top-notch support, buoyed by comprehensive testing plans and extensive troubleshooting. Our quality hinges on all specialists in the team and performing tests for every aspect, including automated and regression ones.

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 We Cover the Full Range for Startups

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    Tech incubator projects

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    Backed by VC funding

Why Incode Group 


    Incode Group loves a challenge and nothing excites us quite like making customized solutions for startups that want ambitious and groundbreaking software. Our team will speed up your time to market and boost your growth as a company, putting your name on the map.


    Our experts know the importance of getting results as soon as possible so we work fast and prioritize key points to ensure you see your product as it blooms. And we always have the future on our minds so our solutions are scalable and receive post-release support.


    We devote substantial resources to all outsourcing for startups and our pricing models are flexible. This means that even if your project grows in scope quite a bit, we can still take it on without any downtime or scrambling to find the staff for it. Plus, our team has specialists for any type of task, be it web design, frontend/backend, mobile or desktop development, and more.


    We’ll gladly take on parts of your development process, creating solutions alongside your in-house team. We value communication and being able to partner with professionals and find this model of work mutually beneficial as it gets results fast and expands the capabilities of both our teams.

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