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Custom Real Estate Software Development

Incode Group is employing fresh technologies for versatile real estate agent software. We spread your influence and entice customers with a sleek app or a well-designed site where they’ll be able to see listings, pay rent, or contact your agents.

Our sites will increase your customer loyalty and revenue and automatize many processes. Successfully managing real estate is all about multitasking and handling things efficiently and Incode Group is ready to develop a solution just for you.


What we can offer 

  • Unique tailored sites boasting sleek design and handy features
  • Attractive and optimized landing pages so you can reel in more leads
  • Showcase portfolios, the perfect way for designers and architectors to show off their work
  • Portals for commercial real estate properties
  • Apps for agents and customers alike
  • App/site platforms that handle and automatize sales, rent payments, and leases
  • Integration of online payment options

Major Features 

  • Evaluate your properties and assets in real time.
  • Spend less time and money on inventory management by using a real estate mobile app instead.
  • Establish yourself as a competitor for online rental aggregators.
  • Track your ROI and see which properties are doing best and which need management.
We provide 

Real Estate Properties Management Real estate properties management icon

You’ll be able to save time and impress customers by using our real estate mobile app to do property tours digitally via phones and laptops. Keeping the images up to date is easy via a control panel that lets you add the property status, fill out info on the item, and upload new images. Besides, the digital tour also helps you give a full view of the building you’re selling/renting, do a quick rundown of local businesses and spots of interest, and show closeups of different areas in the property. Plus, thanks to the digital capabilities, you can send off this type of info via email as well as notify customers remotely when a property they’re interested in changes its status.

Real Estate Workflow Management Systems Real estate workflow management systems icon

The reason we’re considered one of the top real estate software companies lies in how much we optimize your management process. Our apps are designed on a case by case basis but all have features like scheduling, sending invoices, market analyzing, and categorizing of properties by type. If you’re running many properties at once, you’ll save a lot of time by compiling different aspects of the job into groups such as Leads, Clients, Properties etc. Not to mention being able to resolve payment issues without getting off of your seat, using just your desktop or mobile.

Demo Showreel Management System Demo showreel management systems icon

Thanks to our real estate modeling software, companies can take customers through a virtual demo of their offers while the property is still being finished. Your clients will get a 360-degree tour through a 3D rendering of every area of the property. Thanks to high-tech features, you can create such models quickly by using 3D model libraries that our software integrates with and placing the items on interactive floor plans.

 Advantages of Real Estate
Software Development

Leads & marketing for properties Icon

You can’t get ahead in real estate without knowing how to handle marketing and sales. The ability to generate multiple top-notch leads is the key to boosting your revenue and our real estate project management software will help you out there. You can manage the campaigns via the app and upload listings seamlessly with full integration with Google services.

Contracts & legal documentation Icon

Have all of your paperwork on hand and printable via our real estate mobile app. You can sign contracts on the spot via the digital signature option and keep them neatly organized in folders on your devices. Search up specific paragraphs and terms in your licenses and agreements to resolve any disputes that might arise.

Projects, inventories, & assets Icon

Instead of doing inventory by hand, use real estate development software to keep track of multiple properties and check up on milestones, calculate and assign budgets and expenses as well as staff. You can automate most of the financial features to take them off your hands.

Manage tenants, agents, & marketing agencies Demo showreel management systems icon

Renew, cancel, and suspend leases, collect rent, track the successes of your agents, and set reminders for your tenants. All of that automated so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Need custom real estate & property software development?

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Why Incode Group 

  • We have years of work on real estate projects behind us. Our experts are always making solutions that fit a particular client’s needs to a tee.

  • You can get a consultation from our team if you’re unsure about what you want or whether your idea can be adapted for an app

  • Technology is changing fast so your real estate development software has to be made fast and we can guarantee that

  • We are ready to adapt and use innovative methodology if it means a better result

 Recommended Technologies


  • NodeJS
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue


  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Yii



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