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Our origin story 

Social networking leaders like Facebook and Twitter have given way to many sub-categories of social platforms that make companies like ours possible. The rise of geo-social networking is the basis for our story. A year ago, we realized it would be a great idea to implement people's thoughts and feelings into an interactive map across different regions. Of course, you'd be able to say how you feel with just a simple emoji, because this is the internet, after all.

Sharing our feelings in the emerging language of social media with others seemed like an interesting way to humanize the internet again. This is how our story began.


We found it difficult to combine social networking with geo-location and augmented reality, but we were up to the challenge. Our vision revolved around an innovative, user-centric concept that would rely on a diverse team of experts in UX design, R&D and technology.

We didn't just want to bring people together through our app; we had to bring them together to make it.

How it works 

The main concept behind Clustory is to mark up maps with photos, comments and emojis on an interactive map that's updated in real-time. But the coolest feature of this app is its locator, which allows you to see your own and other users' markers in the form of Emoji in the real-time interactive map. The emjojis are the stars of the show here; they get bigger the closer you get to their pin!


  • 01. Express yourself through emojis

    Emojis aren't just for kids anymore. Digital communication is rapidly evolving, and humans are learning an entirely new language online that helps them clearly express thoughts, feelings and ideas through graphic images. It's almost the digital equivalent of cave drawings, with lone pictorial images representing complex thoughts and feelings.

    People don't just type a few words or sentences and send their messages off into the web anymore. The emoji adds life to a stoic, technical interface and gives users the ability to add expression to their messages through image-based characters like smiley faces, food, hearts, animals, nature and so many more.

    Express yourself in your own unique way and illustrate your voice in every message with Clustory.

    Clustory Screen Clustory Screen
  • Clustory Screen

    02. Become more social with geo-services

    Clustory users share content based on their locations. We developed and implemented new technologies that determine a user's geographical position and bring a new virtual communication to everyday life. When you use Clustory, no matter where you are, you know you're not alone.

  • 03. New augmented reality

    The future of mobile user experience lies in AR, and we want to be at the forefront of that change. Custory's augmented reality experiences give users the chance to discover new things with ease. Dynamic AR points of interest indicate local hot spots for you to check out in real-time, and you can share your favorite recommendations with your friends.

    Clustory Screen
  • Clustory Screen

    04. Custom approach to development

    We decided to go against the typical outsourcing model for app development. We wanted to be involved in every facet of Clustory's design from conception to launch. We conducted extensive market research, learned from our competitors and formed a dedicated team committed to bringing Clustory to life.

    We developed iOS, Android and web applications using back-end microservice architecture and real-time communication tech. We implemented lightening-speed messaging and custom UX wireframes to make Clustory as welcoming to new users.

Stack of technologies 

  • iOS Swift
  • Android Java
  • NodeJS with the Koa2 framework
  • Socket.IO library for real-time communication
  • PostgreSQL DBMS
3rd-party libraries, extensions:
  • Google Maps API for geolocation functionality
  • Twilio for SMS notifications and authentication process
  • PostgreSQL PostGIS database extension for smart filters
  • AWS EC2 instance
  • Cloudinary (Heavy Duty Image and Video Platform) for files/pictures management
  • RDS for PostgreSQL instances
  • Firebase Test Lab
  • iOS specific: XCode Testing
  • Android specific: JUnit, Robolectric
  • Backend: Jasmine, Karma, Sinon
  • CI/CD: Ansible + Jenkins


Clustory Screenshot

Clustory Beta Version Has Launched!

We did it! On August 10th, we launched Clustory beta in Ukraine. We managed to save a lot of time by implementing the most effective geo-service technologies, and all our hard work and research paid off! We're so excited to be here.

No Room for Complacency

At Incode Group, we never stop working. Launching Clustory is just the beginning, and the same dedicated team that helped make it possible are here for the long-haul. We want to make the app the best it can be, and we work on the technical maintaining and adding new features. To make Clustory great we implementing valuable feedback from our first users and staying on top of the best technological innovations.

Clustory Screenshot

Invaluable Experience

Our earliest audience provided incredible feedback that helped our team understand how social media impacts them. The information we received helped us set the standard for our user requirements, platform engagement and interactions. The result is our social MVP product that combines everything we think it takes for a social networking app to make a difference in a user's life.

Beta Release

The MVP version of the beta release is ready, and we're currently gathering feedback to improve even more.

Clustory Screenshot
Clustory Screenshot

Technical Achievements

Independent Development and Deployment

Bug fixes and feature releases in Clustory are more manageable and less risky. Application architecture can be updated without the need for total redeployment. A single development team can build, test, and deploy a service.

Fault isolation

Following resiliency best practices and design patterns in Clustory development, we achieved significant fault isolation. If a service goes down, it won't take out the entire application.

Granular Scaling

Services are scaled independently after VM resources are fully utilized.

Geo-based Search Queries

Complex feature that allows users to search for results intuitively by targeting queries to a specific geographic region.

Overcame Challenges as a Team

We created high-quality images and performed many troubleshooting responsibilities with real-time reliability between the server and users' mobile devices.

Clustory Video



April 2017

Project Planning

  • Market research.
  • Mindmap development.
  • Vision and pipeline development — Found acceptable and affordable solutions to make the best product in the shortest amount of time.
  • Design and UI/Wireframing.
  • Software and Architecture Development.
May 2017


  • Back-end prototyping.
  • Android application prototyping.
  • iOS application prototyping.
  • Firebase Test Lab implementation.
June 2017

Prototyping Phase II

  • Server side deployment.
  • AR Screen feature development.
  • Twilio integration for easy user authorization.
  • Real-time messaging feature built into software.
  • Spots clusterization implemented onto the map.
July 2017

Closed Alpha

  • Android Application Deployment and testing.
  • iOS Application TestFlight and pilot alpha testing.
  • User onboarding improvement
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Minor improvements to notifications on events like spot view, comments and likes.
August 2017

Open Beta Release

  • The first users join and the first spot is placed!
  • Publishing to Google Play market.
  • Publishing to AppStore market.
  • Getting the first feedback from customers.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixing.
August 2018

Open Beta Improvements

  • Application maintenance.
  • New AR improvements and features.
April 2019

Production release

  • The start of the publicity marketing campaign.
  • Increasing our the number of users.

 Our core team representatives

  • Oleh Meleshko

    Oleh Meleshko

    Ideological inspirer, Backend,
    Android developer

  • Konstantin Shendenkov


    iOS developer,
    Team Lead

  • Maryna Samsyka

    Maryna Samsyka


  • Oleh Ryasnoy

    Oleh Ryasnoy

    iOS developer

  • Alexander Nikolaenko

    Alexander Nikolaenko

    Android developer

  • Maxim Bormot

    Maxim Bormot

    Full-Stack developer,
    Team Lead

  • Kirill Roman

    Kirill Roman

    Backend developer

  • Alexander Belkin

    Alexander Belkin

    Product Manager

  • Artem Turlay

    Artem Turlay


  • Maria Pariy

    Maria Pariy

    Content Manager

Emoji + Emoji + Emoji = Emoji

Some statistics 

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities with high user-engagement rates and expanding mobile possibilities.

Worldwide social network usage ever-increasing. In 2017, 71 percent of internet users used social media, and these figures are expected to grow. As mobile social media becomes more available to younger users than ever before, the market shows no signs of shrinking in the future. We want to be there to capture those moments.
Clustoty Statistics


Let us be your biggest success story!

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