Highload Systems

High-Load App Development and Optimization

Development of responsive and fast systems to provide load balancing and fault tolerance

Incode Group creates high-load solutions on a global scale. Our team designs secure, fast, and stable software that can take on plenty of data requests while working out computations. We can bring you data management solutions, cloud systems, and website UX, all of which will be made with a high-load environment in mind.


What we specialize in 

  • Designing high-load architecture
  • Building apps intended for high performance under high load
  • Innovating in your preexisting infrastructure to make it less susceptible to high load
  • Round-the-clock support for high-load systems, including upgrades and QA
  • Optimizing your own systems to perform better in high-load conditions
  • Stress testing the high load system to see how its performance stacks up

 We provide

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    high-load apps development

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    architecture design and stress testing

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    fast and responsive solutions

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    fault-tolerant systems support

Our Advantages 

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Incode Group’s devs take advantage of cloud computing and load balancing to process data quicker and keep your system afloat even in critical conditions. Our team designs the kind of architecture that keeps its computing speed high and response times short, resulting in top-notch results.

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We stick to resources that work best and can handle huge datasets without any issues. Incode Group is focused on keeping processing and memory usage optimal without sacrificing efficiency, using architectures derived from Node.js. Our specialists use Golang and similarly efficient languages to get more out of less code.

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The whole point of a high load system is to stay functional under the weight. Our software product development company isn’t afraid of stress testing and overcoming failures, especially since it leads to us delivering crash-resistant solutions. We always strive to achieve zero downtime and have provided that standard to many industries where it’s valued most, such as the telecom, healthcare, finance, and many similar ones.

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The team here at Incode Group is familiar with Scala development and functional programming, having spent years learning the ins and outs of the process. Our software development team engineers apps that are sprawling and can be scaled to a network with any number of servers. Thanks to that, our systems don’t crash under high load and cascading interactions.

We’ll take the load off your shoulders.

 how we implement

  • 01.

    Building off of Open Source tech and platforms from global vendors

  • 02.

    Overseeing full front-end and back-end development

  • 03.

    Reinforcing fault tolerance to optimize your high load system

  • 04.

    Protect your access via rights differentiation and digital signatures

  • 05.

    Even more security measures for data transferring and storing

  • 06.

    Certifying informational systems

What we think about 

We use universal patterns to make unique solutions.


  • Dogpile protection
  • Cache invalidation
  • Cache-Aside

IPC Interfaces

  • Actor model
  • Protocol Buffers
  • Data deduplication, ZFS

CPU Time

  • Parallel vs Concurrent
  • Big O importance
  • Execution graph


  • Materialized views
  • Layers of persistence
  • Data structures and modifications


  • GC (Garbage Collection)
  • Managed vs Unmanaged
  • Immutable data
  • STM (Software transactional memory)


  • CQRS
  • Retry vs Circuit Breaker
  • Event Sourcing
  • Compensating Transaction
 Why You Should Choose Incode Group
  • Efficient high-load architectures

    We strive for excellence as a software product development company so our engineers are committed to building architectures equipped for dealing with high load issues. Our products are made using NodeJS, Java, Python, Goland, and Scala development, which is why you get efficient and scalable systems when you turn to Incode Group. We have already made a name for ourselves in industries such as crypto trading, booking engines, and platforms for healthcare and telecom that work sustainably under high load.

  • We keep the cost reasonable

    Incode Group believes that using two high-skilled devs is better than paying a whole team of mediocre engineers, which means we do our best to spend funds in a way that gets great results. Our professionals are focused on keeping the cost of high load system maintenance at bay and reaching the goal without stretching the budget provided to them. We find that a good solution is an elegant one, not a complex system that’s overstuffed and, to put it simply, unsustainable.

  • High-availability and zero downtime

    Our priority is balancing the load to keep the system up at all times. Thus the Incode Group engineers build fault-resistant solutions that can be hit with many connections and still keep the response times short. We take full advantage of the latest advancements to ensure our systems are never outdated and, consequently, never down.

  • Complete high-load software development

    The Incode Group team of professionals has worked with all types of tools and technologies, choosing only the best to create high-load systems. We are ready to build your project using Apache servers and Linux distributives as well as Java and .NET frameworks. Besides, our devs are trained to operate using any language so you can rely on us for Python, JavaScript, or Scala development.

Mapping the technology with your business domain 

We take the time to familiarize ourselves with your goals and priorities so that we can choose the right tools for the job. Our specialists will pick the type of technology that is suited best for your business model and the processes that it will be used for, thus ensuring easy integration and support. There are a couple of cloud platforms that we use to prop up our high load systems and give them stability:

Amazon web services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

Ready to begin your project?