Enterprise IT Solutions

Enterprise IT Solutions

We can assist you at any stage of your software project, from research & development to architecture design or post-project support. Implement your software solution with a team of IT experts from our company. Our unique engagement models for software product companies and ISVs enables them to focus on their core business, while we take care of their technology needs, making them agile and flexible in their business.


 Strategic Consulting

Keys to the Business

Our experts will research the best technology for your solutions, determine the cost, see investment options, offer IT consulting, and map out the time to completion. Plus, we will also determine what kind of support and maintenance will be needed post-launch, even before work begins, so that you can accurately see the scope of the project and find challenging points that might require extra care.

  • Comprehensive report on requirements and strateg
  • Plan for cloud and web development
  • Consultations regarding investments and architecture
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High Load Systems 

Stability tweaks and fault tolerance

Incode Group builds architectures that retain high-speed computations and avoid downtime even under peak loads. Our experts will focus on developing a system that scales well, works efficiently, and balances the load for maximum fault tolerance. This keeps response times short and the system running smoothly.

  • Architecture designed for high load
  • Apps with high-performance bases
  • Polishing preexisting systems to run more efficiently
  • Running tests to check performance and stress testing
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 Big Data and Cloud BI for enterprise

We’ve spent years mastering solutions for Big Data and BI, finding the optimal tech, tools, and methods. The team assigned to your project will consist only of those experts suited best for your goals.

  • Consultations on BI and Big Data tech
  • Integrating and warehousing data
  • Core analytics
  • Presenting and visualizing data
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Enterprise Cloud Solutions 

Using cloud platforms opens up a world of possibilities including better scaling, lower hardware usage, and decentralization, which is key for large-scale enterprises. Incode Group is ready to help you transfer your infrastructure to a whole new level with cloud solutions and IT consulting on how to do it best. We can create a system from scratch just for you.

  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud solutions
  • Microservices architecture solutions
  • DevOps
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 Building Web Applications

Incode Group is ready to develop a web app solution for your business, tailored to fit your particular needs. You can determine the functionality and scale while we deliver the polished end-product.

  • MEAN / MERN / MEVN stack development services
  • PHP web application development
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Enterprise Mobile Applications 

Our experts will create custom-made solutions for mobile platforms, including both Android and iOS as well as cross-platform options. We test on a variety of devices and ensure compatibility and easy integration.

  • Xamarin development
  • Native iOS and Android app development services
  • Backend engineering
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 Cloud Service Delivery Models

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    On-site/offshore model

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    Project outsourcing model

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    Dedicated development team

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    On-site project staffing model

Why Choose Incode Group 

We familiarize ourselves with your company, its structure and goals, collaborating with you to build a solution that uses cutting-edge technologies to fulfill your ideas.

  • Find the right way

    Studying your enterprise, we pick the appropriate technology for you and use our insights to develop a precise strategy

  • Prioritize innovation

    Either using pre-existing solutions and frameworks, albeit improved, or making new ones from scratch, our experts will quickly create innovative solutions for you

  • Minimize risks

    We don’t encumber the system, using agile architecture to keep the infrastructure light yet stable

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