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Broaden your opportunities to sell and establish stronger customer relations with the help of retailing solutions from Incode Group not limited by channels. Cover both back office and customer-facing aspects by relying on our integration with Point of Sale and inventory management options as well as CRM systems.


 What we do

  • A custom eCommerce solution built from the ground up just for you
  • Redesign your current solution to give a vitality shot to your engagement stats
  • Simplification of logistics problems via GPS tracking, shipping analytics, and thorough reports
  • Online purchasing with integrated payment systems for any industry including food and clothes
  • Mobile eCommerce development based on your web retail solution
  • Analytics about your clientele and non-converted users
  • Integration to third-party functionality, including the essentials such as ERP and CRM systems and various instruments of customer analysis
  • Researching the market and technology of the retail industry to ensure more effective eCommerce development services
We provide 

eCommerce Development Services Ecommerce Development Services icon

The Internet sales are carving out an evergrowing market share, and even the most old-fashioned retail chains now require the help of an eCommerce development company. You can reach a broader audience via the Internet and you don’t even have to build a brick-and-mortar store to do so. Incode Group will build your online presence and take you into a new era of business via custom eCommerce development.

Online Marketplaces  Online Marketplaces icon

These Internet trading spots are at their peak now as they offer practically any kind of product or service. Plus, they make businesses and consumers feel secure by processing the transactions themselves via integrated payment solutions. We specialize in creating B2B, B2C, C2C, or C2B marketplaces to streamline sales and make them more profitable.

Shopping Cart Development shopping cart development icon

Regardless of your product, a shopping cart is a vital stop on your site that the customer will interact with the most. We offer our shopping cart development services that also include a full analysis of your store and suggestions on which UX/UI design will fit it best and what kind of functions are needed.

Integrated Payment Systems Integrated Payment Systems icon

Your custom eCommerce solution can have any integrated payments systems that are convenient for you. Integrating software applications for finances is a high-security task that requires many safety barriers but Incode group is up for the job and guarantees professional airtight protection.

Responsive layout responsive layout icon

We take care in our UX/UI designing to give your store an appealing and, more importantly, unique look on any browser and screen type. After UI/UX development, your site is going to be displayed universally on all devices.

Mobile Apps for eCommerce mobile apps for ecommerce icon

No online store is complete nowadays without a mobile app to back it up for a broader market reach. We take on the development of a companion mobile app for your custom eCommerce solution for both iOS and Android.

Mailing System mailing system icon

Having a scaleable mailing system is vital for retail management, especially with the inclusion of analytics and monitoring of your customer base’s preferences. We are ready to tackle the development and integration of custom mailing systems for your store.

Point of Sales (POS) Development pos software icon

No seller can realize their potential without using the benefits of Point of Sale systems, be they cloud-based or traditional. We’ll help calculate the cost of Point of Sale system and, if you’re happy with the results, create your own POS software to kickstart your sales.

Professional ui/ux professional ui/ux icon

We, as an eCommerce development company, create more than the base of the system as our specialists will also handle UX/UI designing. Depending on your wishes, we can iterate upon standard themes or build a custom look from scratch as well as tailor it to any screen type.

Maintenance & Support maintenance & support icon

Our services as an eCommerce development company don’t stop after we’ve created the platform. Incode Group offers full customer support to keep your store running smoothly and prevent downtime or any failure type.

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What do we offer? 

  • Lower cost of Point of Sale system and store development with no compromise on quality
  • A boost in the conversion of users into customers
  • Lose the cumbersome and ineffective features in favor of a risk-free and accessible store
  • Reel in customers and achieve higher engagement via mailing and mobile retail options, slashing your investment risk by 40%
  • Deep analytics of your userbase’s preferences and ways of appealing to them
processed transactions

and above different shopping carts/checkout forms designed

of consumers are willing to pay more for a boost in shopping quality
custom eCommerce solutions created

 Technologies for the industry


  • Shopify
  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • osCommerce


  • Backend: NestJS, Express/Koa
  • Frontend: Angular, React, Vue

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