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Incode Group works on creating and transferring apps and services onto cloud platforms while keeping the costs reasonable and the performance steady. Our team builds solutions for businesses that want to enter a new age and boost security, quality of service, and, consequently, profits. Incode Group makes cloud projects using Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models as a base.

The Models We Work With 

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Incode Group takes care of infrastructure profiling and sizing in addition to testing and fine-tuning the system and optimizing it based on the results. This and more comes in our Cloud Infrastructure as a Service package, which will ensure that your system is stable, scales well for any load, and doesn’t leave any gaps in the fence for errors and such. It’s the foundation of our cloud solutions and it’s our priority.

IaaS — Infrastructure as a Service

Examples of IaaS:
Google Compute Engine (GCE), DigitalOcean, Linode, Cisco Metapod, Microsoft AzureRackspace, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IaaS Benefits

We can list a few main reasons to prioritize IaaS, including:

  • It’s the best model in terms of flexibility and agility.
  • It makes automation easy when it comes to networking, servers, and processing power.
  • You configure the hardware needed for it based on your own wishes and restrictions.
  • It keeps you in control of the infrastructure.
  • The model scales well.
  • You can add resources at will.

PaaS Services and Platform

We provide full migration roadmaps and strategies, frameworks for carrying out the transfer, and full cloud integration later on. If you want to reach the cloud, take a flight with Incode Group.

PaaS — Platform as a Service solutions

Examples of PaaS:
AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Heroku,, Google App Engine, Apache Stratos, OpenShift

PaaS Advantages

When it comes to PaaS advantages and disadvantages, the former clearly outnumber the latter. Just take a look:

  • The model lets you slash dev and deployment costs
  • It also makes them much easier
  • PaaS scales well regardless of the size of your project
  • The customization options are broad while the required maintenance is easy
  • The dev team has to do much less coding
  • Makes migration easy in case you decide to transfer to another model later on
  • Gives developers the ability to create customized apps without the headache of maintaining the software

Software as a service - (SaaS)

Using the Software as a Service model gives you the chance to spin your system off of preexisting software. Incode Group will listen to your wishes and goals and provide Software as a Service solutions that fit your needs to a tee. And, of course, we’ll take care of maintenance and support completely.

 SaaS — Software as a Servicey

Examples of SaaS:
Google Apps, Dropbox, Cisco WebEx, Concur, GoToMeeting, Salesforce

SaaS Benefits for Companies

There are quite a few reasons to use SaaS but if we had to narrow it down, the key few would be:

  • It cuts installation and upgrade times substantially
  • It requires far less maintenance than the alternatives
  • It’s intuitive and doesn’t take a weathered expert to start, though experience won’t hurt, of course
  • The model is highly compatible with other services, which makes implementation of new features easier
  • It’s a cost-effective solution and a more efficient one to boot

Our solutions will take you to cloud nine

 Cloud Microservices Solutions

Incode Group creates microservices from scratch, delivering results regardless of size and scale. These can be an essential tool in speeding up time to market, streamlining the addition of new features, and even making updates more efficient. Plus, using data architecture solutions allows for sectioning your team into core groups and assigning them to certain parts of the system. This will boost efficiency as each group works on a separate task and provides results quicker. If you seek innovations, creativity, and speedy work, you should be taking advantage of our architecture solutions.

Microservices Architecture solutions


Incode Group will utilize the DevOps philosophy to speed up your creation process while freeing your resources for other pressing issues. Our experts will manage the infrastructure and make it less costly and much more scalable.


 Cloud solutions for your Industry

Cloud solutions for FinTech (Finance & Banking) fintech (finance & banking) icon

You can bank on Incode Group to provide cutting-edge cloud solutions for financial and banking industries. Our team will improve usability and curb risks, both of these vital to the business.

Cloud solutions for E-Commerce & Retail, Distribution e-commerce & retail, distribution icon

We know what sells so our team is ready to create secure and appealing solutions for commercial businesses. If you want a cloud solution to handle distribution, security, and Big Data - we’re ready to go all in!

Cloud solutions for Media & Entertainment, Advertising media & entertainment, advertising icon

Our experts are ready to build a globe-spanning infrastructure to bring your content to users all over the planet. We utilize Big Data and cloud microservices to keep your platform running at all times and personalize the user experience.

Cloud solutions for Real Estate & Property real estate & property icon

Carving a piece of the market can be tough, but with Incode Group at your service, it will practically be free real estate. Our team uses cloud services to boost leads, eliminate the need for paperwork, and streamline your communication with clients.

Cloud solutions for Healthcare healthcare icon

We treat our healthcare solutions with, well, care. Using cloud microservices, we help organize and analyze clinical, imaging, and insurance data to improve patient interactions and make work easier for healthcare professionals.

Cloud solutions for Education education icon

Incode Group is always ready to learn and help educators innovate as well. Our team can make study data more secure, add interactivity for better student engagement, and adapt studying platforms for multiple devices. We’re ready to bring learning into the world.

Cloud solutions for Travel & Hospitality travel & hospitality icon

Running an efficient hospitality business isn’t easy, but Incode Group will use cloud solutions to simplify inventory tracking, order processing, and HR management. Plus, we’re pretty hospitable to your clients as well, offering the chance to do bookings faster, implementing loyalty rewards, and giving your customers a voice via feedback features.

Cloud solutions for Software & Hi-Tech software & hi-tech

Incode Group believes in the future so we’re ready to implement cloud infrastructure as a service for your IoT platforms. We can use our expertise to enhance smart homes or VR/AR and, in a more down-to-earth vein, optimize security and streamline data processing for system administration and network communication.

Why Choose Incode Group? 

  • Increase output while reducing costs

    We’ll help you utilize your resources more efficiently and enhance your in-house team with our experts helping speed up the dev process. Instead of spending weeks to find a full-time employee, let Incode Group do the work more cost-effectively and with a steadily high standard of quality.

  • Deep understanding of scalability patterns

    Let your team take care of the routine tasks while Incode Group takes on the scaling job. We quickly scale the project capacity and keep the performance stable under any kind of load, reducing the resource usage when the peak has passed.

  • We leave no points for failure

    Our experts will adapt your products and services for all platforms and places. Plus, we will reinforce the whole system so that one element crumbling under the load won’t affect the service at large.

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