Business IT Solutions

Business IT Solutions

Our team is ready to make and deploy native, web, and hybrid custom-made business IT solutions that fit your goals and provide functionality without an artificially-inflated cost. We work with a variety of tools and can create high-load systems, websites, and any other kind of product that your business needs to get a healthy boost. Rely on Incode Group for your business IT solutions and never worry about quality again!


 Web Applications for Business

Incode Group is ready to develop a web app solution for your business, tailored to fit your particular needs. You can determine the functionality and scale while we deliver the polished end-product.

  • MEAN / MERN / MEVN stack development services
  • PHP web application development
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Mobile Applications for Business 

Our experts will create custom-made solutions for mobile platforms, including both Android and iOS as well as cross-platform options. We test on a variety of devices and ensure compatibility and easy integration.

  • Xamarin development
  • Native iOS and Android app development services
  • Backend engineering
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 Cloud Solutions for Business

Using cloud platforms opens up a world of possibilities including better scaling, lower hardware usage, and decentralization, which is key for large-scale enterprises. Incode Group is ready to help you transfer your infrastructure to a whole new level with cloud solutions. We can create a system from scratch just for you.

  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions
  • Microservices architecture solutions
  • DevOps
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Quality Assurance for Business 

Catching an error early on can help save a huge chunk of the development cost and our QA team is here to do just that. They scour the prototypes, picking it apart piece by piece to find any bugs and determine which parts could use fine-tuning. In the interest of delivering a perfect solution, we do varied tests and ensure that the results are presented comprehensively so that we can learn from the mistakes and avoid them.

  • Dedicated QA teams
  • On-demand testing
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Functional testing
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 Design UX & UI for Business

There is no overstating the importance of an intuitive, sleek, and efficient UI. It streamlines the use of the product and makes the user more likely to return, especially since UX is literally all about pleasing that same user. So our design team will gladly brainstorm the perfect UX/UI design for your product, researching the target audience and creating a style that will draw users in and a feel that will keep them using the app long-term.

  • Creative strategy design and development services
  • UI wireframe design
  • Mobile and web design services
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Technical Support for Business 

Regardless of the service you need, Incode Group is ready to offer support and maintenance, upgrading systems, giving out consultations, and providing customer support day-to-day.

  • Software issues resolution
  • Product enhancement
  • Product integration
  • Network connectivity
  • Database service
  • Network stability
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  Delivery Models for Business

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    On-site/offshore model

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    Project outsourcing model

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    Dedicated development team

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    On-site project staffing model

Why Incode Group 
  • Transparency

    We prioritize trust and collaboration, which lets us keep you up to date on the progress and respond promptly to your input.

  • Flexible approach

    We work on agile methods so that we can immediately tackle hurdles that would make competitors slip up.

  • Teamwork

    Each member’s skillset is unique and teamwork is our core value. As our experts come together to refine your solution, you will see the real value of teamwork between devoted professionals.

  • Experience

    We’ve spent literal years gaining knowledge and always chasing new technologies to stay up to date on the latest trends in development. Thus, we strive to use the optimal methods to reach an excellent result.

  • Exceptional quality

    Our team of testers will not rest until they find and eliminate all bugs in the project, providing you with a complete and polished solution.

  • IP protection & security

    We’re concerned with security and protecting intellectual rights and more than willing to work under non-disclosure agreements that ensure the confidentiality of the project.

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