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How to optimize drug supply management through blockchain

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Healthcare is a vital part of our lives and, even though advances are made everyday, there’s still a lot to cover if we want its quality to live up to the standards. Sadly, the issues plaguing this sector are myriad. From complications with giving out receipts online to counterfeit medicine making its way into the supply chain, you can barely throw a rock without hitting a problem that can and should be solved soon.

Thankfully, not everybody is waiting for a miracle. Promising solutions are being developed that will help curb healthcare-related fraud. For one, these aim to stop patients from filing drug orders at multiple online pharmacies and getting a higher dose than necessary. Additionally, there are already attempts to use blockchain as a means of making the supply records immutable, thus either preventing counterfeit products from getting into pharmacies or, at least, catching the perpetrators in the act. There will also be chargebacks and returns so that patients that paid for an expensive medication that they can no longer use will be able to get money back. This should make rare drugs more accessible to the population with no reserves lying in someone’s medical cabinet.


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  • Secure and immutable solution for the Healthcare market;
  • Track and trace compliance with regulations;
  • Supply chain transparency for counterfeiting prevention;
  • Transparency for medicine supply chain.

technology stack definition

When it comes to large business solutions or enterprises, various types of blockchain are required, including:
  • private;
  • permissioned;
  • that doesn’t require cryptocurrency.
There are some technologies that have adopted these key features, like Corda, Quorum, or Hyperledger Fabric. We have tested all the solutions to find the most suitable, and it was Quorum by J.P. Morgan.

scalability and performance

Blockchain is usually associated with low transaction throughput. But it’s a drawback of public networks that are using PoW and PoS consensus mechanisms. Quorum is an Ethereum for private and enterprise solutions, it adopts all features of Ethereum but uses different types of consensuses (Raft-based and Istanbul BFT), that make it much faster.

drug supply security

Security and reliability are the key points of the healthcare industry. A properly designed blockchain infrastructure, as well as accurate logic of smart contracts that suits all the product shipment standards, will make the system fast, secure, and compliant with regulations.

How does it work? 

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The system is made to oversee and track drug supply and distribution. Every user, be it a supplier, manufacturer, or patient, has to have an access to the permissioned blockchain ecosystem. All of the supply chain is reflected via a Supply Chain Management smart contract, holding all necessary business logic, and patients using the healthcare platform can check the medicine authenticity by themselves. They can easily trace a product all the way from the manufacturer to the supplier to the hospital or pharmacy where the medication is received by the patient. Each entity that handled the medicine is stored, all the way from producer to patient. This creates an immutable tracker that can be viewed by those with the proper authorization level.

 Our Design Choices

Several of our testers have noted that the bright color choices made the app stand out but were confused on why exactly we chose them. The reason for that is simple: we wanted to eliminate the cold, clinical feeling that most healthcare-related software and apps have. Therefore, we used a minimalistic but inviting design with colorful elements that both draw the eye and make the user feel like they’re browsing a regular app. Our tracker elements are not dissimilar to those of an eCommerce app where you can check the status of a package you ordered. This curbs the anxiety most people feel when dealing with health issues and makes the app usage feel like a regular daily activity.

Stack of technologies 

  • Quorum
  • Solidity
  • Web3js
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Redux
  • NodeJS (TypeScript)
  • NestJS
  • WebSockets
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • AWS EC2 Instance
  • AWS S3
  • RDS for MySQL
  • Gitlab CI
Mobile application:
  • Flutter


We developed a secure and reliable system to check the authenticity of medicine that’s circulating in a market or hospital network. Thanks to the protection of the data by blockchain, the records are immutable and, by and large, infallible. By hosting the project on AWS, we further decentralize it to prevent tampering. Using private blockchain tech such as Quorum, we managed to up the throughput considerably. Because of that, the system scales well and can be applied to large metropolitan networks and even country-wide ones. Besides, it keeps the data private and only accessible by those with a proper authorization level.

Overall, this is a successful project for supply chain management in the healthcare industry and one that’s sure to prevent cases of fraud.

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