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Blockchain Technology Development Solutions

Incode Group’s experts are ready to provide custom blockchain solutions for any and all industries. We’ll help you decentralize, scale, and streamline your business with ICOs/STOs, smart contracts, wallets, ledgers, and other blockchain technologies. Our services will provide you with a platform that’s going to be your stepping stone to success. The blockchain development department is handling all blockchain solutions and our own exchange.


Public blockchain solutions

ICO Development Services 

Initial Coin Offering, also known as ICO, have changed the way cryptocurrencies and fundraising are approached. They offer alternatives for budding companies to get investments and get a headstart in the industry.

We know how hard it can be for new companies so we’re offering our ICO development services to companies seeking high-quality tokens with intricate models. Incode Group will give you an ICO-boosted headstart and deliver ICO tokens according to your specifications.

  STO Development Services

Security Token Offering, also known as STO, help securely raise money for ventures or spread out company shares via blockchain. It’s a disruptor but one that makes financial transactions more secure, tamper-proof, and decentralized. These tokens are heavily regulated and backed by real assets, which means investors tend to trust them more.

Incode Group is happy to help companies with our STO development services to deliver secure tokens that will change the way your company’s funds work for you.

ICO/STO key features 

Crowdsale, ERC20 token contracts Crowdsale, ERC20 token contracts

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular financing methods now and we know all about developing crowdsale tokens and more.

Landing page Landing page

We can create an appealing landing page that calls users to get your ICOs.

Admin/User dashboard  Admin/User dashboard

Our team will create an intuitive control panel to help you navigate and take the reins.

Deployment Support Deployment Support

We’ll provide documentation to help you deploy smart contracts for more security.

Multisig wallet Multisig wallet

If you want more secure transactions, we’ll make a multisig wallet that requires the approval of several owners to pass a transaction.

This isn’t the full list of our services, of course.

Contact us and describe what kind of blockchain project help you need and we’ll gladly help you out!

 Cryptocurrency Development

Crypto is taking the world by storm, supported by the people, banks, and even governments now. With all the hype surrounding it and labels like “the future of money” being thrown around, it’s no wonder that so many people want a piece of the action.

Our team of experts will help you create public blockchain solutions and integrate them as well as deploy tokens for trading. With the help of Incode Group, you can enter the cryptocurrency market in a big way and disrupt it for your own benefit. Take control of the future with crypto and Incode Group!

MVP consulting MVP consulting

Our team will discuss the process of creating an MVP and give you guidelines to reach your goal faster.

Documentation & planning Documentation & planning

We compile docs on every step of the development process and create a precise roadmap to set the scope of the project.

Smart contracts development  Smart contracts development

We’ll develop secure and tamper-proof smart contracts for any purpose.

Smart contracts audit Smart contracts audit

Incode Group’s experts will check your preexisting smart contracts to make sure they’re secure and up to par.

Crypto Exchange development Crypto Exchange development

Our team can create a fast, well-designed, and secure crypto exchange where you can integrate and trade coins.

Crypto wallets development Crypto wallets development

We’ll gladly create a tamper-proof wallet system for cryptocurrency storage.

 Recommended Technologies

  • Solidity
  • NodeJS (web3js)
  • Solidity
  • NodeJS (web3js)
R3 Corda:
  • Kotlin
  • Java
Hyperledger Fabric:
  • Go
  • Java
  • NodeJS

Private blockchain solutions

B2B and enterprise development 

BaaS platforms BaaS platforms

We offer blockchain development to help prop up your platform. This includes hosting and support as well.

Non-tokenized solutions Non-tokenized solutions

We’re not all about cryptocurrencies so we’ll gladly develop blockchain solutions without any tokens. It’s an alternative approach that utilizes the full power of blockchain.

Supply chain management  Supply chain management

We’ll develop a solution to help keep your supply chain transparent and efficient. This guarantees fraud-proofing, security, and overall improvements.

Consortium-based solutions Consortium-based solutions

Our team will turn blockchain solutions into a full-blown ecosystem for you with consortium solutions. These will give the reins of control to a group of trusted persons, allowing for more control and more flexibility.

Asset management Asset management

If you want to really secure your assets, blockchain is the way to go. We’ll develop a system that tracks and protects your physical assets.

Workflow management Workflow management

Incode Group’s specialists will create a secure and efficient way to store documents and plan your actions. It’s a safer and streamlined solution for managing your business.

High-performance solutions High-performance solutions

We can create solutions that process many transactions per minute, putting you ahead of the competition. Instead of adhering to the image of blockchain as a slow technology, we let it soar fast.

 Why Incode Group

  • Flexible technological stack

    We can adapt to any technology and work around bottlenecks to deliver high-performing and innovative solutions based on the blockchain. If there’s a particular technology you want us to use or a feature that you want to focus on, our team can do it.

  • Experience with both public and private solutions

    Incode Group’s experts can develop public or permissioned blockchain solutions depending on your goals. We’ve worked on a slew of projects and feel comfortable developing any type.

  • Detailed Architecture

    We plan out the project and focus on architecture early on, making the later stages more streamlined and eliminating the chance of errors. Our projects have detailed documentation and leave no room for mistakes.

  • Expertise Consultations

    If you’d like help with a project or some know-how to go at it alone, our team of experts will gladly consult you on the development process or troubleshoot for you. We’ll be your trusty guides in the world of blockchain.

Ready to begin your project?

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Blockchain for Healthcare

UI/ UX design
Web development

Purchase medicine, track its shipment, and file complaints about counterfeit products.

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