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Big Data Consulting Services

Handling BD isn’t easy unless you have a tailored solution to keep you afloat and our experts are ready to extend a helping hand. We’ll look over your goals and requirements and, having gained this insight, help you with architecture design and easy implementation routes. Should you have any technical issues, our team is more than willing to offer support and maintenance services.


what we do 

  • Business Analysts

    Need some big data consulting to serve as a guiding light? Incode Group is offering the help of its analysts to take you on the right path.

  • Big Data Architects & Engineers

    The Incode Group core team is armed with DevOps and knowledge, ready to conduct QA and testing and handle performance engineering for your company.

  • Data Scientists

    Our team knows how to use BI tech to boost your business and keep veracity under control for a more precise analysis.

  • database admins

    Turn to our professionals to build information storage that scales well, works fast, and won’t let you down when it’s needed most.


Incode Group provides end-to-end data integration services, including consolidation and presentation. We build from the ground up, constructing a BD warehouse according to your requests. Here are some of the options we offer:

Assessment & Technology consulting Services Icon

We’ll help you reconcile your end-goals with your Big Data and creation capabilities. Our specialists will:

  • Analyze your tech opportunities
  • Assess your pressing business needs
  • Gauge your policies and standards in correlation with your security and work environment to find improvement possibilities
  • Draw up a few suggestions on what to implement and how

Core analytics core analytics icon

We’ll help you make sense of high-tech solutions and use them to your advantage. The Incode Group specialists can handle:

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Developing AI solutions
  • Integrating tools for configuration and predictive analytics
  • Taking care of KPI calculations
  • Processing stream data

Data Warehousing services Icon

Our team builds warehouses and marts ready for handling BI. The data warehousing services include:

  • Designing the database and outlining its architecture as well as modeling data
  • Managing your metadata and data quality
  • Refining search and discovery to fit a high-scale business
  • Aiding in data migration
  • Providing support and maintenance for your finished database

Big Data Integration services Icon

We construct heavy load ETL engines to work on fragmented data silos:

  • Scraping data from multiple sources (mainframe, social media, machine data, XML, apps, NoSQL, flat files, and more)
  • Making tailored adaptive connectors for formats that aren’t innately supported
  • Merging various data types, including structured, batch, real-time, and others
  • Scrubbing, profiling, and bringing data to a single standard

Big Data Presentation data warehousing icon

When we work we work in style so let us present your data clearly and elegantly:

  • We’ll handle distribution of visualizing dashboards via web, mobile, and API
  • Make UX more pleasant and memorable by personalizing it, all the while keeping access cordoned off to protect some data types
  • Build export tools and report builders that will make work with BD easier

Big Data Capability 

Incode Group’s team has spent years learning to tap into our clients’ preferences and end-goals quickly. Thanks to that, we analyze your requests and chart a course for work immediately.

Instead of following the crowd, we try to innovate whenever possible, building off of standard methods and processes to streamline workflow and get unrivaled results.

As one of the leading Big Data consulting firms, we’re happy to help you bring some sense into the chaos of unstructured data and handle it effectively.

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 Business Intelligence Expertise

Incode Group is offering consultations for business intelligence development strategies and optimization, helping companies minimize the cost and maximize the effectiveness of the process. More than that, we can also develop data warehouses or provide OLAP/ROLAP systems and software licenses. Our specialists are also ready to visualize data, an easy way to get to the point of the analysis and find the kernels of valuable info inside the heaps of numbers. If you’re still hesitant about business intelligence outsourcing, here’s a quick list with some of our services:

  • Consultations that include developing business intelligence strategy planning, forecasting, and more
  • Implementation of pre-existing BI systems into your infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence Expertise
  • Design and development of data warehouses and processing systems
  • Visualization and presentation of BI data
  • Optimization of pre-existing systems for your business goals and requirements

Harness the power of your data
with our analytics solutions 

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There’s no data too big for our solutions

Why Choose Incode Group?

  • We Make Big Moves with Big Data

    Incode Group didn’t build its Big Data expertise overnight, relying instead on long-term learning and refining. But now that we’ve mastered it, we’re constantly innovating and using tech and methods old and new to handle the whole data cycle. We only do the things that matter and work with the specialists who offer the skills we need.

  • We Focus on Business Intelligence

    Using BI is a surefire way of understanding your consumers and automating some of your in-house processes. It’s a vital part of business unless you’re averse to raising profits, pinpointing growth opportunities, and transforming digitally to open up new possibilities.

  • We Turn Data into BI Gold

    The devs and consultants at Incode Group will help you with their technology consulting services to turn data into insight. With our help, you can leverage BI tools to look deeper into the important metrics of your business and give it a vitality shot.

  • We Cover All Bases

    Our experts handle big data consulting services end-to-end and employ all tools that will bear fruit: My SQL Hbase, Tableau, SSAS, SSIS, MS SQL, AWS Redshift, Power BI, BigSQL Data Lakes, and many others.

Ready to begin your project?