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Automated QA Testing

Automated Software Testing for Continuous Quality

Having some of your testing processes automated helps keep your QA team on more vital tasks while routine work is done without their input. Plus, it also allows doing testing that simply can’t be pulled off by a person. It’s particularly handy if you’re working with multiple platforms and need to run tests on every single one, which automation does fast while your QA team would have to do every single instance of the testing separately. In short, automation means a quicker route to the market for your product.


Test Automation Services
are a must for success 

Thanks to the onset of Agile and DevOps, the process of building solutions is trending towards doing tests that are fast and in-depth. And while that’s certainly good for the end-quality, it means having to adapt to this new standard.

Since you can’t expect your QA team to waste time testing each of your builds manually, software test automation services help curb the issue. You can run these day in day out without worrying about overworking your QA team to the point where they get bleary-eyed and miss a glaring problem. Plus, software testing services scale well so you can cover a project of any size. And the results are automatically delivered to you, no need to push your experts to compile and analyze them.

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The automation of QA activities is not only required but is the core enabler of increasing throughput and velocity.

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 Agile Automation Services

Our experts offer quick, iterative, and thorough software testing services and they’re ready to keep up the pace for agile delivery. You won’t have to worry about frequent updates letting an error sneak by as we scour each version for bugs. This, in turn, makes your customers happier and that’s what we strive towards.

DevOps is now the predominant framework for quick QA but there are still plenty of teams having trouble with using QA test automation services. Even if you don’t belong to this subset, using Incode Group’s independent software testing services will improve the quality of your products and speed up the time to market.

Get your quality elevated, get your QA automated

Why our test automation
services succeed 

We try hard to immerse ourselves in each client’s philosophy and business strategy to fully understand what your end-goal is with the solutions. Our team not only tests your software but checks to see if it’s compatible with your ideas and strategy.

Incode Group as a software testing services company offers you the expertise of professionals with years of experience and a strong affinity for the technical side of testing. Thanks to that, you can be sure of the quality of your solutions and get results fast without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. The team will follow along with each update, working on it diligently and bringing attention and care to the issue.

Our understanding of the automation technology and the needs of our clients reflect our aim in work - to prioritize your ROI and boost your business overall. The experts at Incode Group conduct their QA software testing services leveraging SLAs and KPIs with the aim of guaranteeing unrivaled quality.

 Our process

Incode Group uses a standard process for test automation as a base but we’re always ready to shake things up depending on the solution we’re tackling.
We follow a standardized test automation process, which forms the basis for the procedures developed for our clients.

  • 01.

    Kick-off and onboarding

  • 02.

    Reviewing manual test cases

  • 03.

    Find ways to automate these very cases

  • 04.

    Launch scripts for full automation

  • 05.

    Compile the results into analytical reports

  • 06.

    Provide maintenance for the scripts

We can automate testing for 

icon Mobile applications

We provide automated QA services for mobile applications on all popular devices to help create user-friendly, refined, and functional apps. We use both the actual devices and emulators to run tests, ensuring that no platform is left unsupervised.

Tools we apply:

  • Appium
  • Android SDK tools
  • XCode
  • SauceLabs
  • BrowserStack
  • Selendroid
  • Silk Mobile

icon Desktop applications

Incode Group tests compatibility with many OSs, databases, platforms, hardware, and software to see if your solution runs smoothly. We spot all flaws and provide support in fixing them regardless of the device type and how difficult the issue might be. Our experts conduct installation and compatibility tests along with cross-platform ones to cover all bases.

Tools we apply:

  • Ranorex
  • AutoIt
  • TestComplete
  • CPU Stress
  • SilkTest

icon Web applications

Our experts offer testing on all scales including large web development projects, automating the process and thus cutting the cost by a pretty big margin. Incode Group will not only boost the quality of your project but also ensure that your money is well-spent by automating the QA services for all types of devices and browsers. This includes: Smoke testing, Localization testing, Functional testing, Unit testing, Integration testing, UI and mockup testing, Acceptance testing, Cross-browser testing, Field validation testing, Regression testing.

Tools we apply:

  • Test Tool: Selenium WebDriver
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Report Engine: Allure
  • CI Tool: Jenkins
  • Test Runner: Karma

icon API Automation

We can test your APIs and see if they work correctly and don’t break even in case of high load or unusual interactions. Thanks to automatization, the process is done quicker and all data serialization formats are supported (JSON, XML, and more). We tailor the work for each customer and do functional and component testing with automated processes, using SOAP and RESTful APIs.

Tools we apply:

  • SoapUI
  • Katalon
  • Postman
  • Apigee


  • Proven QA capabilities

    We’ve always handled this type of work ourselves without outsourcing QA testing services, cutting our teeth on our in-house projects and, later on, offering these processes to our clients. Thanks to this experience, we’ve learned how to keep QA going smoothly even while the development continues.

  • Scalable team

    Crunch and peak loads aren’t an alien concept to most businesses and Incode Group is ready to take on the burden, expanding your capabilities with our experts. Our testers will seek out errors and check how intuitive, reliable, and convenient your project seems to be at its current stage and, of course, give an analytical view on how to improve it.

  • Reach the Market Faster

    Since our agile test automation services are designed to get results quickly and on any version of the product, you won’t have to spend extra time refining your solution before shipping it to the consumers. Thanks to automation, you can reach the finish line while the competition lags behind and you won’t have to sacrifice quality to do so.

  • Remove the Chances of Human Error

    Not even the best experts are expected to sustainably sniff out all errors, design issues, and flaws in the software they test, especially when they might have to work on the same project for months at a time. To make sure that you’re not putting the quality of your work on the shoulders of one tired QA specialist, use automation and remove the possibility of human error altogether.

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