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Android Apps Development Services

We provide tailor-made Android application development, helping companies capitalize on the lucrative Android market. Boasting over a billion users worldwide, this is the platform to use if you want high conversion and user engagement. And our skilled devteam is ready to build the right solution for you.

We strive to make an app that will be downloaded frequently, boost conversion, lead to a jump in sales, and spread brand awareness for your company.

 We provide

Native Android App Development Native Android App Development

Incode Group’s dev team has cut its teeth making native apps both for iOS and Android, using xCode and Android Studio, respectively. And while we diversified our choice of tools, the results never swayed from their high quality. If you want effective native Android application development, turn to us and get results quick.

Hybrid Android App Development Hybrid Android App Development

We also offer hybrid Android app development services, combining the native solution features with the unique ones that you’d usually only get from web apps. If you’re aiming for a cross-platform audience, this is a great way to cost-effectively capture the target market.

Software business analysis Native Android App Development

A good product isn’t just a cutting-edge solution, it’s also an app that fits the client’s initial vision. That’s why our business analyst will spend their time working closely with you and bridging the communication between our devs and your management, helping the implement exactly what you want.

UI/UX Design Native Android App Development

The first impression matters most so our experts pay special attention to the UI/UX design. That way your users will be met with a polished look and an intuitive interface, ensuring that they stay with the app for a while.

Apps Upgrade and Maintenance Native Android App Development

Our work on the app isn’t over after we launch as the Incode Group team will provide support and maintenance. This will ensure that your product stays up on the app store and doesn’t receive negative feedback. We will keep implementing fresh features, updating the product for new OS versions, patch up bugs, and refine the UI/UX design.

Need a successfull team?

was the Android market share in 2018

of website visits are done via mobile

out of 10 people own a smartphone
users end up brand-loyal after downloading the Android app

Why Choose Incode Group? 

Incode Group is an Android application development company consisting of reliable Android (and iOS!) devs who are ready to apply their skills for your ambitious project. Combining years of experience with a desire for innovation, we use breakthrough tech to make Android applications that stand the test of time.

Skilled Android Java Developers

Incode Group only works with the best so our Android development specialists all have long-term experience working with Java/Kotlin and creating Android applications.

Project management and communication

Let Incode Group take on your Android application development services and rely on our team of weathered devs, overseen by a diligent business analyst. The management will work side by side with you, making sure that our innovations go in line with your ideas. And there won’t be any language barriers as our team speaks English, providing excellent project management and communication.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Contract

We offer an airtight NDA to keep our work confidential and guarantee that only our two sides are privy to the project.

Price Advantage

Android outsourcing to us guarantees that you keep the cost of the project affordable and the quality stellar. We offer rates that are 35% below the market average and our devs are as diligent as those in the leading industry companies, giving us a price advantage over the competition.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights on the software we make are always given to the client as we’re simply bringing your ideas to life.

Working Hours & Time Zones

We’re ready to adjust our schedule to make sure that there’s a window for us to communicate in real-time. This helps keep your vision on track.

 Recommended Technologies


  • Java


  • Android Studio


  • SQLite
  • Realm


  • RetroFit
  • Volley
  • Dagger2
  • Gradle
  • Glide

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