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Full Cycle Development Company

Incode Group is a Switzerland-based provider of software development outsourcing services of any complexity with 100+ technical experts in Ukraine. We are a one-stop service provider, creating high-quality and reliable web, mobile, and cloud solutions that work sustainably under high load.

If you need a consultation on digital strategy or infrastructure optimization, turn to us for help! We can tackle any task from a full dev cycle to concept creation to patching up a pre-existing product that’s not up to par. We value perfectionism and devotion and certainly practice what we preach.


Simplicity is complexity resolved 

Our work

Exploration, solving problems, development, these are what Incode Group aims for. All your expectations will be met by our team of dedicated and highly proficient specialists. Our customer-oriented approach ensures that your project goes through a detailed, step by step process where you’ll be fully supported.

We are ready and eager to take on any challenges because we believe that great achievements are born out of difficulties! So welcome to the Incode Group`s Wizardry Lab.

Our values

Greg Anderson once said: “Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it.” Each step of your project is an important one and that's why we provide assistance and maintenance every step of the way. Each team member contributes in achieving your goals. That's why we build strong relationships with our partners, customers and employees.

In Incode Group you’ll find a respectful, trustworthy and collaborative environment cultivated to make our team a real family open to anyone.

Our main goal is to become more efficient and competitive enough to enter the faster growing markets as an international software development team full of ideas, enthusiasm and inspiration. You can be sure that this approach will help us achieve our goals.

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Delivering Software Solutions Globally 



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 What Incode Group Can Do for You

  • Take care of outsourcing development while you spend time on your business.
  • Cut costs in half;
  • Reach the market up to 45% quicker;
  • Expand your team with our professionals;
  • Do research on your future projects with our analysts and test its viability.

Aside from outsourcing, we’ve made 

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 Why Choose Incode Group

  • Full Cycle Development

    Incode Group follows the project with every step, providing not just consulting, design, and development, but testing and post-release support as well. Our work is our pride!

  • Thirst for Knowledge

    Our experts are always looking to learn, mastering high-load systems, QA, UI/UX design, BI and Big Data, and many other areas of expertise vital to development.

  • Choice of Technology

    Incode Group relies only on the cutting-edge and innovative tech, prioritizing flexibility and security in all platforms. Though we don’t shy away from classics like Java, Angular, Python, PHP, and many more.

  • Fast Ramp-Up

    We get started right away with designers drawing up concepts and devs assigning tasks and choosing resources while our management is just finishing the negotiations.

  • Perfect Process

    Do your work well and you won’t have to retool it, that’s the approach we take. Our testers work thoroughly and our devs don’t slack off so you get a polished final product.

  • Cost and value

    Instead of spending money on training or paying exorbitant prices, let Incode Group deliver cost-effective solutions and see that quality isn’t always decided by the price.

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    Incode Group settles for nothing less than perfect.

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    We deliver products that are on time and on point.

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    We don’t waste resources, prioritizing key features instead.

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    We want to hear your vision and follow it, collaborating along the way.

How We Work and Deliver 

Every Step of the Way Every Step of the Way icon

Incode Group offers full cycle development, covering all aspects from the basic concept creation and research to UI/UX design and prototyping and onto the testing and release. We not only polish the initial product to deliver a workable and efficient solution but also offer full post-release maintenance and support because we value our work and want it to always be representative of our ideology: innovation and perfection lead the way!

Thorough R&D Thorough R&D icon

We don’t just pile on features mindlessly, wasting our time and resources. Instead, our experts conduct comprehensive research to determine what your target audience prefers and how we can deliver it to them for the best results. This doesn’t compromise the speed of our work nor the end-quality as we prefer to make informed decisions and deliver solutions that make a difference.

Flexible Communication   Flexible Communication icon

Our business analysts and project managers will stay in touch with you to make sure that our innovations don’t get ahead of your vision and goals. As the dev team works, you will see the results and, if you want, give input on what to add, change, or polish. We strive to make a great product but we also want it to fit your ideas so don’t hesitate to make suggestions or contact the managers to see our progress.

Our Delivery Models Our Delivery Models icon

We work on four delivery models:
fixed project, for those who want minimal supervision and a preset scope and cost; dedicated team, for ambitious and confidential projects with a set budget; time and material, with a flexible budget, scope, and team size; and extended team, for difficult projects where you’ll need our whole squad of experts on a preset budget.

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Maksym Shevchenko

Team Lead

Dmitry Gryshchenko

Tech Lead

Maksym Bormot

Tech Lead

Eugene Ganichev

Tech Lead

Stanislav Novokhatko

Head of Marketing

Tatiana Sokolova

Head of Recruiting

Dmitry Tor

Business Developer

Maryna Samsyka

Design Team Lead

Ilya Melnikov

Project Portfolio Manager

Team Member

Igor Minailov

Project Requirements Analyst

incode group internship 

Do you strive to become a part of the IT Industry?

Over the course of two weeks, you will get real hands-on practical experience in the most advanced technologies and the real work environment with supervision from skilled mentors. The interns showing growth and professionalism will be eligible for full-time placement upon graduation.

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